# Player’s Jersey Number
Name Player’s Name
Game Name Game Name
G Batting Games Played
SEQ The Order in which the Player Batted
PA Plate Appearances
AB At Bats
R Runs
H Hits
B Bunt Singles
1B Singles
2B Doubles
3B Triples
HR Homeruns
XBH Extra Base Hits
TB Total Bases
OB On Base
RC Runs Created
RBI Runs Batted In
AVG Batting Average
BB Walks
BBi Intentional Walks
Kc Strike Outs Looking
Ks Strike Outs Swinging
SO Strike Outs (Kc+Ks)
BB/K Walks per Strikeout(BB/K)
BB/PA Walks per Plate Appearance (BB/PA)
HBP Hit By Pitch
SB Stolen Bases
CS Caught Stealing
PK Times Picked Off
SCB Sacrifice Bunts
SF Sacrifice Flys
SAC Sacrifices
RPA Runs per Appearance
OBP On Base Percentage
OBPE On Base Percentage w/ROE
SLG Slugging Percentage
OPS On Base Plus Slugging Percentage
GPA Gross Production Average
1/RPA Inverse RPA
CT% Contact Percentage (AB-K/AB}
CT2% Contact Percentage (AB-K/PA}
LOBi Left on Base (Individual).
Times the Player Left Runners on Base
LOB Left on Base (Team).
Times the Player was Left on Base
ROE Reached on Error
FC Reached on Fielder’s Choice
CI Reached on Catcher’s Interference
GDP Grounded into Double Play
GTP Grounded into Triple Play
PA/RSP Plate Appearances with
Runners in Scoring Position
AB/RSP At Bats with Runners in
Scoring Position
BB/RSP Walks with Runners in
Scoring Position
HBP/RSP Hit by Pitches with
Runners in Scoring Position
SAC/RSP Sacrifices with
Runners in Scoring Position
CI/RSP Catchers Intereference with
Runners in Scoring Position
H/RSP Hits with Runners in Scoring Position
BA/RSP Batting Average with
Runners in Scoring Position
GBs Soft Ground Balls
GBm Medium Ground Balls
GBh Hard Ground Balls
LDs Soft Line Drives
LDm Medium Line Drives
LDh Hard Line Drives
PUs Soft Popups
PUm Medium Popups
PUh Hard Popups
FBs Soft Flyballs
FBm Medium Flyballs
FBh Hard Flyballs
GB% Ground Ball Percentage
LD% Line Drive Percentage
PU% Popup Percentage
FB% Flyball Percentage
SH% Soft Hit Percentage
MH% Medium Hit Percentage
HH% Hard Hit Percentage
Sc Strikes Looking
Ss Strikes Swinging
F Fouls
Ball Balls
Bi Intentional Balls
BIP Balls in Play
TP Total Pitches
Ss% Swinging Strike Percentage (Ss/TP)
Ot Total Pitches Ouside the Zone
Zt Total Pitches Inside the Zone
Os Swings Outside the Zone
Zs Swings Inside the Zone
Oc Contact Outside the Zone
Zc Contact Inside the Zone
FP Total First Pitches
FS First Pitch Strikes
FB First Pitch Balls
FPSw First Pitch Swings
FPSw% First Pitch Swing Percentage
FPSs First Pitch Swings for a Strike
FPF First Pitch Swings for a Foul
FPBu First Pitch Swings for a Bunt
FP1B First Pitch Swings for a Single
FP2B First Pitch Swings for a Double
FP3B First Pitch Swings for a Triple
FPHR First Pitch Swings for a Homerun
FPH First Pitch Swings for a Hit
FPCI First Pitch Swings for a
Catchers Interference
FPFC First Pitch Swings for a
Fielders Choice
FPROE First Pitch Error
FPSF First Pitch Sacrifice Fly
FPSCB First Pitch Sac Bunt
FPO First Pitch Out
FPSS% First Pitch Swing Success Rate
QAB1 Quality at Bat Type 1
QAB1% Quality at Bats Type 1/
Plate Appearance
QAB2 Quality at Bat Type 2
QAB2% Quality at Bat Type 2/
Plate Appearance
QAB3 Quality at Bat Type 3
QAB3% Quality at Bat Type 3/
Plate Appearance
P1 1 Pitch Plate Appearances
P2 2 Pitch Plate Appearances
P3 3 Pitch Plate Appearances
P4 4 Pitch Plate Appearances
P5 5 Pitch Plate Appearances
P6 6 Pitch Plate Appearances
P7 7 Pitch Plate Appearances
P8 8 Pitch Plate Appearances
P9 9 Pitch Plate Appearances
P10 10 Pitch Plate Appearances
P11 11 Pitch Plate Appearances
P12 12 Pitch Plate Appearances
P13+ Plate Appearances with 13
or more Pitches
# Player’s Jersey Number
Name Player’s Name
Game Name Game Name
G Pitching Games
SEQ The Order in which the Player Pitched
W Wins
L Losses
SV Saves
HLD Holds
SVOP Save Opportunites
BS Blown Saves
SV% Blown Saves
ST Starts
FIN Finishes
CMP Complete Games
GSc Game Score
QS Quality Starts
TL Tough Losses
CW Cheap Wins
ShO Shutouts
IP Innings Pitched
BF Batters Faced
Ball Balls
Str Strikes
B/S Ball to Strike Ratio
PIT Pitches
R Runs Allowed
GI Game Innings Average
RA Run Average
ER Earned Runs
ERA Earned Run Average
ERA9 Earned Run Average (for 9 innings)
O Outs
K Strikeouts
Kc Strikeouts Looking
Ks Strikeouts Swinging
H Hits
BB Walks
IBB Intentional Walks
K/BB Strikeout to Walk Ratio
K/GI Strikeouts per Game Innings
BB/GI Walks per Game Innings
H/GI Hits per Game Innings
HB Hit Batters
BK Balks
WP Wild Pitches
CI Catcher’s Inteferences
SCB Sacrifice Bunts
SCF Sacrifice Flys
BT Bunts Allowed
1B Singles Allowed
2B Doubles Allowed
3B Triples Allowed
HR Homeruns Allowed
WHIP Walk plus Hits per Inning Pitched
OBP On Base Percentage
BAA Batting Average Against
GIT Game Innings
GO Ground Outs
AO Air Outs
GO/AO Ground Out to Air Out Ratio
FPS First Pitch Strikes
FPB First Pitch Balls
FPS% First Pitch Strikes Percentage
LOBB Leadoff Walks
LOH Leadoff Hit
LOHB Leadoff Hit Batter
LOCI Leadoff Catcher Interference
LOE Leadoff Error
LOK Leadoff Strikeout
LOO Leadoff Fielding Out
123 123 Innings
FsO First Strike Field Outs
FsK First Strike Strikeouts
FsH First Strike Hits
FsBB First Strike Walks
GBs Soft Ground Balls
GBm Medium Ground Balls
GBh Hard Ground Balls
LDs Soft Line Drives
LDm Medium Line Drives
LDh Hard Line Drives
PUs Soft Popups
PUm Medium Popups
PUh Hard Popups
FBs Soft Flyballs
FBm Medium Flyballs
FBh Hard Flyballs
BIP Balls in Play
GB% Ground Ball Percentage
LD% Line Drive Percentage
PU% Popup Percentage
FB% Flyball Percentage
SH% Soft Hit Percentage
MH% Medium Hit Percentage
HH% Hard Hit Percentage
IR Inherited Runners
IRS Inherited Runners who Scored
LOB Runners Left On Base
PK Pickoffs Successful
PKF Pickoffs Failed
Sc Strikes Looking
Ss Strikes Swinging
F Fouls
S% Total Strike Percentage
B% Total Ball Percentage
Fb Fastballs
FbS Fastballs for a Strike
FbS% Fastball Strike Percentage
Cu Curves
CuS Curves for a Strike
CuS% Curveball Strike Percentage
Sl Sliders
SlS Sliders for a Strike
SlS% Slider Strike Percentage
Ct Cutters
CtS Cutters for a Strike
CtS% Cutter Strike Percentage
Ch Changeups
ChS Changeups for a Strike
ChS% Changeup Strike Percentage
Sp Splitters
SpS Splitters for a Strike
SpS% Splitter Strike Percentage
Kn Knuckleballs
KnS Knuckleballs for a Strike
KnS% Knuckleball Strike Percentage
Dp Dropballs
DpS Dropballs for a Strike
DpS% Dropball Strike Percentage
Rs Riseballs
RsS Riseballs for a Strike
RsS% Riseball Strike Percentage
Sw Screwballs
SwS Screwballs for a Strike
SwS% Screwball Strike Percentage
Dc Dropcurves
DcS Dropcurves for a Strike
DcS% Dropcurve Strike Percentage
Or Other Pitches
OrS Other Pitches for a Strike
OrS% Other Strike Percentage
3P 3 Pitch Innings
4P 4 Pitch Innings
5P 5 Pitch Innings
6P 6 Pitch Innings
7P 7 Pitch Innings
8P 8 Pitch Innings
9P 9 Pitch Innings
10P 10 Pitch Innings
11P 11 Pitch Innings
12P 12 Pitch Innings
13P 13 Pitch Innings
14P 14 Pitch Innings
15P 15 Pitch Innings
16P+ Innings with 16 or More Pitches
GT Pitching Games Totals
OIT Outs per Inning multiplied by Games
GScT Total Game Score
1PA 1 Pitch Appearances
2PA 2 Pitch Appearances
3PA 3 Pitch Appearances
4PA 4 Pitch Appearances
5PA 5 Pitch Appearances
6PA 6 Pitch Appearances
7PA 7 Pitch Appearances
8P+A 8 Pitch or More Appearances
FbMin Minimum Fastball Speed
FbMax Maximimum Fastball Speed
FbTot Total Fastball Speed
FbCnt Fastball Speed Count
FbAvg Average Fastball Speed
CuMin Minimum Curve Speed
CuMax Maximimum Curve Speed
CuTot Total Curve Speed
CuCnt Curve Speed Count
CuAvg Average Curve Speed
SlMin Minimum Slider Speed
SlMax Maximimum Slider Speed
SlTot Total Slider Speed
SlCnt Slider Speed Count
SlAvg Average Slider Speed
CtMin Minimum Cutter Speed
CtMax Maximimum Cutter Speed
CtTot Total Cutter Speed
CtCnt Cutter Speed Count
CtAvg Average Cutter Speed
ChMin Minimum Change Speed
ChMax Maximimum Change Speed
ChTot Total Change Speed
ChCnt Change Speed Count
ChAvg Average Change Speed
SpMin Minimum Splitter Speed
SpMax Maximimum Splitter Speed
SpTot Total Splitter Speed
SpCnt Splitter Speed Count
SpAvg Average Splitter Speed
KnMin Minimum Knuckle Speed
KnMax Maximimum Knuckle Speed
KnTot Total Knuckle Speed
KnCnt Knuckle Speed Count
KnAvg Average Knuckle Speed
DpMin Minimum Dropball Speed
DpMax Maximimum Dropball Speed
DpTot Total Dropball Speed
DpCnt Dropball Speed Count
DpAvg Average Dropball Speed
RsMin Minimum Riseball Speed
RsMax Maximimum Riseball Speed
RsTot Total Riseball Speed
RsCnt Riseball Speed Count
RsAvg Average Riseball Speed
SwMin Minimum Screwball Speed
SwMax Maximimum Screwball Speed
SwTot Total Screwball Speed
SwCnt Screwball Speed Count
SwAvg Average Screwball Speed
DcMin Minimum Dropcurve Speed
DcMax Maximimum Dropcurve Speed
DcTot Total Dropcurve Speed
DcCnt Dropcurve Speed Count
DcAvg Average Dropcurve Speed
OrMin Minimum Other Speed
OrMax Maximimum Other Speed
OrTot Total Other Speed
OrCnt Other Speed Count
OrAvg Average Other Speed
T00 Total 0-0 Counts
S00 0-0 Count Strikes
S%00 0-0 Strike Percentage
E00+ 0-0 Count Positive Outcome
(Out, K, DT, Err, FC)
E00- 0-0 Count Negative Outcome
(Hit, BB, HBP)
E00* 0-0 Count Neutral Outcome
(SAC, SF, CI, etc)
T01 Total 0-1 Counts
S01 0-1 Count Strikes
S%01 0-1 Strike Percentage
E01+ 0-1 Count Positive Outcome
E01- 0-1 Count Negative Outcome
E01* 0-1 Count Neutral Outcome
T02 Total 0-2 Counts
S02 0-2 Count Strikes
S%02 0-2 Strike Percentage
E02+ 0-2 Count Positive Outcome
E02- 0-2 Count Negative Outcome
E02* 0-2 Count Neutral Outcome
T10 Total 1-0 Counts
S10 1-0 Count Strikes
S%10 1-0 Strike Percentage
E10+ 1-0 Count Positive Outcome
E10- 1-0 Count Negative Outcome
E10* 1-0 Count Neutral Outcome
T11 Total 1-1 Counts
S11 1-1 Count Strikes
S%11 1-1 Strike Percentage
E11+ 1-1 Count Positive Outcome
E11- 1-1 Count Negative Outcome
E11* 1-1 Count Neutral Outcome
T12 Total 1-2 Counts
S12 1-2 Count Strikes
S%12 1-2 Strike Percentage
E12+ 1-2 Count Positive Outcome
E12- 1-2 Count Negative Outcome
E12* 1-2 Count Neutral Outcome
T20 Total 2-0 Counts
S20 2-0 Count Strikes
S%20 2-0 Strike Percentage
E20+ 2-0 Count Positive Outcome
E20- 2-0 Count Negative Outcome
E20* 2-0 Count Neutral Outcome
T21 Total 2-1 Counts
S21 2-1 Count Strikes
S%21 2-1 Strike Percentage
E21+ 2-1 Count Positive Outcome
E21- 2-1 Count Negative Outcome
E21* 2-1 Count Neutral Outcome
T22 Total 2-2 Counts
S22 2-2 Count Strikes
S%22 2-2 Strike Percentage
E22+ 2-2 Count Positive Outcome
E22- 2-2 Count Negative Outcome
E22* 2-2 Count Neutral Outcome
T30 Total 3-0 Counts
S30 3-0 Count Strikes
S%30 3-0 Strike Percentage
E30+ 3-0 Count Positive Outcome
E30- 3-0 Count Negative Outcome
E30* 3-0 Count Neutral Outcome
T31 Total 3-1 Counts
S31 3-1 Count Strikes
S%31 3-1 Strike Percentage
E31+ 3-1 Count Positive Outcome
E31- 3-1 Count Negative Outcome
E31* 3-1 Count Neutral Outcome
T32 Total 3-2 Counts
S32 3-2 Count Strikes
S%32 3-2 Strike Percentage
E32+ 3-2 Count Positive Outcome
E32- 3-2 Count Negative Outcome
E32* 3-2 Count Neutral Outcome
# Player’s Jersey Number
Name Player’s Name
Game Name Game Name
G Fielding Games
ST Games Started
Et Throwing Errors
Ef Fielding Errors
ERR Errors
PO Putouts
A Assists
SBA Stolen Bases Allowed
CS Caught Stealing
DP Double Plays
TP Triple Plays
PB Passed Balls
PKF Pickoff Failed
PK Pickoff Succeeded
OP Outs Played
FP Fielding Percentage
FP1 Fielding Percentage at Pitcher
FP2 Fielding Percentage at Catcher
FP3 Fielding Percentage at First
FP4 Fielding Percentage at Second
FP5 Fielding Percentage at Third
FP6 Fielding Percentage at Shortstop
FP7 Fielding Percentage at Left Field
FP8 Fielding Percentage at Center Field
FP9 Fielding Percentage at Right Field
FP10 Fielding Percentage at Other Field
IP Innings Played
AP Innings Appeared
PO1 Putouts at Pitcher
A1 Assists at Pitcher
Et1 Throwing Errors at Pitcher
Ef1 Fielding Errors at Pitcher
AP1 Innings Appeared at Pitcher
OP1 Out Played at Pitcher
PO2 Putouts at Catcher
A2 Assists at Catcher
Et2 Throwing Errors at Catcher
Ef2 Fielding Errors at Catcher
AP2 Innings Appeared at Catcher
OP2 Out Played at Catcher
PO3 Putouts at First
A3 Assists at First
Et3 Throwing Errors at First
Ef3 Fielding Errors at First
AP3 Innings Appeared at First
OP3 Out Played at First
PO4 Putouts at Second
A4 Assists at Second
Et4 Throwing Errors at Second
Ef4 Fielding Errors at Second
AP4 Innings Appeared at Second
OP4 Out Played at Second
PO5 Putouts at Third
A5 Assists at Third
Et5 Throwing Errors at Third
Ef5 Fielding Errors at Third
AP5 Innings Appeared at Third
OP5 Out Played at Third
PO6 Putouts at Shortstop
A6 Assists at Shortstop
Et6 Throwing Errors at Shortstop
Ef6 Fielding Errors at Shortstop
AP6 Innings Appeared at Shortstop
OP6 Out Played at Shortstop
PO7 Putouts at Left Field
A7 Assists at Left Field
Et7 Throwing Errors at Left Field
Ef7 Fielding Errors at Left Field
AP7 Innings Appeared at Left Field
OP7 Out Played at Left Field
PO8 Putouts at Center Field
A8 Assists at Center Field
Et8 Throwing Errors at Center Field
Ef8 Fielding Errors at Center Field
AP8 Innings Appeared at Center Field
OP8 Out Played at Center Field
PO9 Putouts at Right Field
A9 Assists at Right Field
Et9 Throwing Errors at Right Field
Ef9 Fielding Errors at Right Field
AP9 Innings Appeared at Right Field
OP9 Out Played at Right Field
PO10 Putouts at Other Field
A10 Assists at Other Field
Et10 Throwing Errors at Other Field
Ef10 Fielding Errors at Other Field
AP10 Innings Appeared at Other Field
OP10 Out Played at Other Field

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